Hope you enjoy the same deals and savings as I do. I will do my very best to share them all with you!

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The new Saute Express Starter by Land O’ Lakes. WOW! Super easy and full of flavor!

I opened the small square package and the aroma from the little square was amazing. One package can be used to cook up to 12 portions of chicken or pork. I used 2 squares for 4 boneless chicken breasts. I simply opened the little squares and placed in skillet. It melted in the same time as butter would. I then added my chicken breasts. I cooked as I normally would.


Wedding pic 005    I added rice and broccoli as sides with a croissant roll. The family loved the chicken. You can see the seasoning and flavor! It was a welcomed change from the normal ways we cook our chicken.

I found it in the dairy section near the cheese/butter section. Was reasonably priced at $3.69.

If you don’t know what to cook for dinner or need a new idea, give this easy alternative a try!



Disclosure: This post  is a product review for the new  Land O’ Lakes Saute Express.  I recently received a package for free, to try out and review the results as a

Bzz Agent. These opinions are solely my opinions based on my experience.

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