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Summer Gardening with new Pennington Smart Feed Sprayer! Saves Water!


Disclosure: This post  is a product review for the Pennington Smart Feed Sprayer System.  I recently received the system for free  as a

Bzz Agent to try it out and review the results. These opinions are solely my opinions based on my experience using this sprayer

system versus the normal sprayer system I normally use for my annual planting.

I was a little slow at reviewing this product, as the weather in my area has been crazy. I can have all 4 seasons in the same week. No joke! With later than average days of frost, my annual planting was delayed. I was excited to try the new Pennington Smart Feed Sprayer System because there is no measuring fertilizer! It has easy to use drop in tablets.

Now that I have gotten all my flowers planted, I have been using this new Pennington Smart Feed Sprayer.
I like that is uses half the water to feed my flowers, thus saving me money and preserving the water supply.
I also like that the fertilizer is pre-measured in easy to use tablets so there is no messy measuring of fertilizer. I open the sprayer and drop in a tablet. The water swirls around the chamber, dissolving the tablet to add fertilizer to the water as it sprays.
After just the first day, the flowers already seemed to perk up and have continued to get fuller.

The only negative that I see with this system, is that the tablets seem to dissolve rather quickly. I water my flowers nightly and it has been using one complete tablet a day. The replacement tablets are sold in 4 packs so this could get expensive to use daily.
My solution is to use the Pennington Sprayer every 3-4 days with regular watering in between. This seems to work well for me. My flowers are bright, full and healthy.
My overall conclusion is that I do like and recommend the Pennington Smart Feed Sprayer better than the competitor’s similar sprayers.



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