Hope you enjoy the same deals and savings as I do. I will do my very best to share them all with you!

In the past couple months, I have been adding daily sweepstakes to my favorites list. Then in the evenings when I have time before I go to bed, I enter the contests. I try to enter 3-4 nights a week.

I have found these sweepstakes and instant win games to be worth the time. I have found that it is very time consuming to enter blog giveaways that have only one or two winners. So I opt for company sponsored instant win games and sweepstakes. Along with instant prizes, you are entered for the grand prizes(often cash, cars, and vacations) each time you play. Who knows, if I keep it up, I may win a grand prize one day! For just a little of my time in the evenings, I can win prizes and a chance at the big one! AND I love opening my email to “e-prize fulfilment” email! It’s like getting a present. It immediately brightens my day!

Over the last couple months I have won the following prizes:

~Free Movie Admissions valid for two admissions, up to $13.00 each-FX has the movies-socializing sweepstakes.

~Free Movie Admissions valid for one admission, up to $13.00-FX has the movies-socializing sweepstakes. (yes I won 2 different times)

~a pack of socks– Facebook Happy Toe Tuesday sweepstakes from Hanesbrands Inc.

~1 roll of ScotchBlue Painter’s Tape– ScotchBlue Ribbons sampling giveaway.

~Bic pens- BIC Penpal giveaway

~2 pack Uniball pens- Uniball daily instant win game

~Skinny Cow Girls night in pack –includes Dirty Dancing® DVD, 1 Sweatshirt, 5 T-shirts, 5 Martini Glasses, 5 Photo Frames,  2 packages of SKINNY COW® product-Skinny Cow Dirty Dancing Instant Win Game
~Coupon for 2 free packages of SKINNY COW® product-Skinny Cow Dirty Dancing Instant Win Game (won 2 different times)

~$25 Live Nation Concert Cash – Bud Light Crank up the Volume Instant win game ( got a free Rascal Flatts Tshirt to wear to their concert YAY)

~Pair of sunglasses- Marlboro Chill off the Grid Instant Win game


Now, where do I find these games, sweepstakes? I watch for posts on Facebook and also have a fellow blogger that I like to use. She has a tab that she updates with current games, sweepstakes. It is a very big help finding alot of them in one place.

Free Hot Samples  has a “Dailies” tab that I love!

Just remember, when you see an instant win game or sweepstakes, enter and save to your favorites so you can enter whenever you have some free time!

Have fun and Good Luck!



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