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**Product Sponsored Post**

I was recently given the opportunity to try Lawry’s liquid Marinades and Season Salt. The following are my personal opinions about the products after using the company sponsored products from a BzzAgent campaign.

This was great timing to try these products, as grilling season is in full effect! I have to admit that I have seen these products before and have tried other varieties of the liquid marinades. I was given the Santa Fe Chili and Herb & White Wine to try, which I have to admit, I would not have chosen on my own. I have previously tried the Hawaiian and Caribbean Jerk flavors, which were excellent on shrimp, chicken and pork chops. These were delicious, as well as the new ones I recently tried. The “same old” meat becomes new with flavor!! These are super easy to use. Just pour over your desired meat and let it set to marinade. Then grill! The flavors will make you a master griller!!

Next, I tried the Lawry’s Season salt. My family use to use this regularly but have not used for a few years. Mainly because of all the new items available today. I have to admit it was wonderful to go back to that flavor again. We sprinkle it on pork chops and bake. Very delicious. And there is a lower sodium variety available for those needing to watch the “salt” intake. I was happy to give this a retry. Maybe new packaging would update this to compete with today’s newer products.


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