Hope you enjoy the same deals and savings as I do. I will do my very best to share them all with you!

This review/giveaway is done by Kathy’s Freebies & Savings

My kids really love to color. They were so excited when they seen the BlankZ that I got to review. BlankZ are these animals that you can color on with special markers, and then you throw them in the washer/dryer and do it all over again!
I received Bare Hare the bunny to review. My daughters had so much fun coloring the bunny. My daughters shared the toy and took turns coloring on the bunny. This would be a perfect toy for rainy days.

After my daughters got done coloring the bunny I threw it in the washer with some clothes. I was a little nervous about the marker staining the clothes. After washing and drying the bunny it came out white. All the maker was gone. My clothes were not stained either! I was so relieved.

I think these toys are so adorable. They would make good gifts for kids, especially if your child loves to color. I really love how the color can be washed out and your child can color all over again. My kids are having so much fun with this toy. I’m going to have to buy another one so each child has one of there own.

There are a few different animals that the BlankZ toys come in. There are bunnies, bears, elephants, white hounds, pigs, seals, and bulls. The retail price of the animals is $13.99. Each toy comes with 5 non-toxic watercolor washable markers. Each toy also includes a BlankZ drop card so the designer can also create an environment for the animal. The toys also come with a tag that has a poem describing the animal.

Would you like a chance to win one of these BlankZ toys? Well, they have offered to give one of my readers one! Just go here for the rafflecopter.


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