Hope you enjoy the same deals and savings as I do. I will do my very best to share them all with you!

Hello fellow coupaneers!!

Welcome to my blog!

I am a newbie to the whole blog thing, but have many tips to share. So this is my page to share any tips, bargains or savings that I find. Hopefully I can help you save like other bloggers have helped me.

About me:

I work full time as a paramedic, part time as a 911 communcator.  I am married and have a teenage daughter. Coming from a lower income hard working family, my mom used to coupon and stockpile, which taught me lessons that I use to this day. I use coupons for everything from groceries, restraunts, attractions, clothing, or whatever else I can find. Before I leave my house, I search for coupons for the stores or restraunts that I may be going to, to possibly save. I also shop daily deal sites and seek out freebies daily. I have managed to incorporate these into my life as a full time working mom, so it can be done!!

My goal is to share any of these that I may find with you all!!


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